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One Year later.

Tuesday February 17 2004

For check-ups to the AMC hospital. I started with all kind of Lung functions, blowing-out, breathing in, holding my breath, breathing out quickly. During that they gave me twice an injection in my artery (pulse) for oxygen measurement. After that a walking test, for 6 minutes as fast as possible (it went much better than before my surgery) At last I had to give some blood for all kind of tests. On Monday the 23rd of February the rest of the tests should be carried out.

Monday February 23 2004

Today an echo of my heart and a perfusion-scan. All the tests from the past 2 days were positive. Dr. Bresser was very satisfied. (at this time 32 persons had the same operation)

Thursday March 4 2004

Today I started with a course in injecting myself to determine the status of my blood. It will take 3 days and after 3 months practice, a certificate is provided. Also home care is prolonged with one year. Now it seems a good moment to close this first period. I am still not at the end, but I am improving. I will always have limitations What the future will bring, (my job) is uncertain, but I survived. I thank everybody for the support.