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My name is Ardie vanOorschot. I am 55 years old and married to Peter. 
We have two children, a daughter 30, and a son 26 years old. Since 1966, I have worked for Xantic Satellite Communications. In August 2000, my company moved to another city and I started commuting. This became difficult for me. In October 2001, I was diagnosed with "burn Out", or chronic fatigue syndrome. However, in October 2001, the diagnosis was changed to "Chronic Pulmonary Embolism". In February 2003, I underwent surgery for this condition.

I am writing my story because I feel as patients we are not capable of standing up for ourselves and do not want to be viewed as constantly complaining. 

I feel that the doctors I saw made a wrong diagnosis by not listening to my symptoms. Unfortunately many people are still dying from this serious disease. I have read three newspaper articles where, just like me, a faulty diagnosis was made. These people died. I must honestly admit it is a very difficult disease to diagnose. I feel very fortunate, that is why I have been telling my story over the past years.

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